Texas Senate gives preliminary approval to religious refusal bill

The bill "would prohibit a state agency from adopting 'any rule, regulation, or policy' that would burden an occupational license holder’s 'free exercise of religion' or 'freedom of speech regarding a sincerely held religious belief.'..The proposed legislation has been criticized by LGBT rights advocates who claim it will permit discrimination.” - Jurist

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Texas defends dismemberment abortion ban

"To defend the Dismemberment Abortion Ban ... the state brought forward a wide array of compelling witnesses including abortionists, former abortionists, physicians, legal experts, bioethicists, public health experts, and others. Former abortionist Anthony Levatino, M.D., gave the court a brutal step-by-step explanation of the abortion procedure and his gut-wrenching personal conversion story that caused him to become a pro-life activist." BPNews

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Texas Adoption Law Could Jumpstart Christian Agencies Again

"About a quarter of child welfare providers in the Lone Star State are religiously affiliated groups. But over the past few years, these organizations began to reduce their involvement, fearing legal backlash over policies that restrict prospective parents by faith, sexuality, or marital status." CToday

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