Family Research Council Sides With Conservatives Against Trump in Healthcare Battle

“The leading social conservative advocacy group Family Research Council has joined conservative lawmakers in voicing opposition to certain elements of the Obamacare replacement bill being advanced by House leadership, which some are calling ‘Obamacare Lite.’” CPost



I don’t know about any of that and I am not sure why you directed that at me. And it’s not logically sound. But whatever …

Only explaining Freedom Cacus and Gothard connection. A lot of these Republican Groups are intertwined. Freedom Cacus FRC Tea Party and Christian Right. All above were involved with the Gothard’s organization and the Duggers the Bates politically and promoted the unbiblical warped Gothard life style. Yet none are willing to admitt their sin or denounce the evil. The whole thing taints them due Gothard’s almost Satanic teachings.

They all trumpet the success of Hobby Lobby in their win at the Supreme Court level, but not one peep from Mr Hobby Lobby himself who bankrolled Gothard BIG BiG BIG time. Where is the commitment to Christ for them to very very very publically admit they sinned by backing this nut and then offer to bankroll the victims in their pursuit to squeeze every nickel and dime out of the Gothard organization to totally publically crush it.

When Zaquis came down from the tree he admitted his sin and accepted the Lord as his savior and offered to pay back all he robbed ten times over. Zaquis was collecting more and above the tax he was suppose to collect, which he probably got a percentage of. Criminal activity. How much more criminal activity is raping young girls.

You say how is this germane I say absolutely, because it’s the same Congressman and Senators and their political organization who supported this boob. They are living in sin demonizing the left but not dealing with their own sin. So how can people who are allegedly Christians like Daniel Webster and his cronies even honestly deal with Obamacare when they are so openly living in sin that the non believers see it. Someone explain this to me and I know people fall in sin and I get that but these people are the ones tainting the fundementalist name and are considered part of the tribe. i don’t get it is the game the ends justify the means and is that what believers are suppose to do and support this philosophy.

This alleged Christian Political machine and its elected political officials has run off the tracks. Respect the FRC. Your kidding me they supported the Gothard DUGGER lifestyle big time as the model for the American Family. Is it biblical to take endorsements from the Gothard organization and Mr Hobby Lobby as Cruz did. Now I wasn’t happy about this but at least CRUZ was willing to focus on the real issue that were broke and that directly ties into the healthcare and what to do about it.

Thanks joeb for clearing all of that up!

I have attended many Republican meetings, and even more than one Tea Party event. NOT ONCE did I ever hear about Gothard, the Duggars, or the “mark of Kane” as you wrote it.

Thanks for making it clear what the real motivation for limited government in America is.

Hail Gothard!

Appreciated Mark’s lighthearted comment greatly; I too have been “out of the loop”, but it is worth noting that Gothardism creeps into place you’d never expect it. IBLP had a huge unknowing following among homeschoolers via the Duggars and Vision Forum, for example, and the close interfamilial relationships among homeschoolers in particular and fundagelicals in general spread Gothard’s ideas far beyond what IBLP could have done.

That said, “politics makes strange bedfellows,” and you can look and find some pretty damning connections just about anywhere. For example, Obama’s connections. We need to be careful to distinguish between who is really calling the shots (it’s not always obvious to be sure), and mere guilt by association fallacies.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

I’d never heard of Gothard until somebody mentioned him on SI a few years ago. So … there.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.


I’d never heard of Gothard until somebody mentioned him on SI a few years ago. So … there.

Here’s an assessment of Gothard’s teachings from 1984

Still holds true today - misuse of the OT / teaching personal views (some were good & moral) as authoritative

How it “worked”:

  • A lot of very good stuff about the home & family
  • “Helped” many teens submit to parents

The material is very slick and professionally done

I would liken it to a pervasive / invasive weed used as groundcover - think of Kudzu, the weed that ate the South

When I went to my 1st pastorate in New Jersey, GARBC churches routinely promoted Gothard’s Institute in Basic Youth Conflict:

Interesting quote from above: “His conservative teachings encourage Bible memorization, large families, homeschooling, aversion to debt, respect for authority, conservative dress”

I suggest that all in the above sentence are positive and “good”.

Gothard also had 1 day pastor’s conferences that were either free of very low cost. These were very popular.

One (there were many) weird views: ” He has warned that some toys such as Cabbage Patch dolls may cause destructive behavior in children.”

….to the Arkansas scandal is that one Kenneth Dewitt was accused of 50 counts of sexual assault committed against at least three inmates. Joe, be careful that you don’t overstate the case—thankfully it appears to have been only one perpetrator, and while he was IBLP, it’s hard to draw statistical conclusions on n=1.

Per Jim’s comment, the biggest problem with Gothard isn’t weird lifestyle prescriptions. It’s that whether he gets the conclusion right or wrong, he takes the student through a chain of illogic so that the student is actually trained not to think straight by the end of his IBLP courses. It really cuts at the heart of the 1st fundamental, IMO.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

Bert your right. Sorry. My point is how can a group of men or women Congress Reps known as the Freedom Cacus pick Daniel Webster as their leader knowing he is a hardcore and an ardent supporter of Bill Gothard for years and allegedly staffs his whole staff with Gothardites. I guess that really gets me especially due to Gothard’s alleged criminal past and in some cases gross biblical teachings like only call the cops after the fourth time confronting daddy about raping his daughter, but if he repents don’t call the cops.

On top of all this they push Daniel Webster to be speaker of the House. It says to me that a lot more of the Freedom Cacus share Webster’s twisted beliefs. Yet Christians still think this Freedom Cacus is the best thing since sliced bread ie the ends justify the means. So I see this group’s input on the new healthbill as bad.

Now guys I’m not totally against all Repubilcans. I said right from the beginning that I would have voted and supported Ted Cruz for President even though I don’t agree with him in a lot of areas but Cruz gets it we’re broke. I have seen Cruz in action and there is a big difference in saying honestly that were broke to Americans and being kind in your words and doing it in Love and saying will do the best we can and all suffer together than heartlessly just make cuts and demonizing the democrats.

I believe people like Pence Ryan and Cruz have kind hearts and will do what’s best but do it kindly. Not like saying poor people dont use health insurance so don’t waste the money. That’s what I’m getting at. We as believers are taught to do it in love even to our enemies. Enough said I shall be quiet.

Jim special thanks to you for confirming one of my original statements at least in South Jersey that Gothard did have his hooks into GARB. The former missionary on thois site denied that and said I was wrong. The guy Donald Fullerton who I said to google his name was one of the men who 41 years ago threw GOthard out of my church because he knew Gothard was a phoney. My church was in Princeton NJ. Some downsides Bert Donald would not agree with you and Me in the use of Alcohol area and dressing for church. He believed men should where suits to church Bert and all his Boys from Princeton Evangelical Fellowship were dressed to the T in suits. I never saw Donald Fullerton in anything but a suit. Even on the street. My father got his suits from the same Taylor. Bert Donald Fullerton in my mind was a true Fundementalist in every use of the word. He was also very kind to my family and my mother He liked to here my mother sing the hyms. Even though I lost my mother at 18 she was one tough cookie and grew up with many serious health issues but I never saw my mother flinch once or blame the Lord. She caught Polio during the Polio epidemics while working in the Polio wards.

Ps Jim have you ever heard of the Kingery Family singing group IM me.