For Church, Gay Rights Trump Religious Liberty

I lived in Colorado during the Amendment 2 furor, and something my pastor at the time said stuck with me. He noted that if it were not passed, businesses would not be able to take steps to avoid being the one that would cater solely to the homosexual community. His example was a travel agency, but obviously it goes further.

In light of this, and what’s going on, it’s arguable that Evans v. Romer was decided wrongly, as cake shops and such in Colorado were definitely hurt by this, and hence there was reason to Amendment 2.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

The author of this article is promoting his “Benedict Option” as the key for the survival of Christianity. Although he makes good points in several of his articles, his solution involves removing/ignoring significant doctrinal differences between Protestants and Catholics in order to “survive”. With his solution, the result would be a minimalist Christianity not worth surviving.

Wally Morris
Huntington, IN