The Five Points of Calvinism and Covenant Theology

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It's interesting to hear people arguing that Calvinism is the fruit which springs forth from the rich soil of covenant theology. I couldn't agree less with that framework for interpreting Scripture, nor, I expect, could the folks at Master's Seminary or Central! Very interesting to read a perspective which comes to very similar conclusions from a completely different avenue. 

In light of some of the hysterical and outrageous charges leveled by some Reformed brethren at Bruce Ware (allegations that eternal, functional subordination of Christ to the Father results in two wills in the Godhead in eternity past), I wonder if Liam Goligher & Co. will be calling for Tom Hicks' head on a platter for seeming to suggest the same thing with his remarks on the alleged "covenant of redemption:"

In this eternal covenant (an aspect of the eternal decree), the Father appointed the Son to enter into this world, to fulfill the law of God, to die for His chosen people, and to rise from the dead. The Son agreed to accomplish the Father’s will (John 17:4).

Two wills in the Godhead! Say it ain't so! 

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