Does God Still Speak?

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God also talks to non-Charismatic continuationists with the "still small voice" or the "divine call" among other means.  I've heard some say that God gave them an idea or "God told me" or "God gave me this message."  Sometimes when you are reading the passage they are preaching and you see that what they are preaching isn't in the passage, you understand what they mean when they say that God gave them that message.  I've heard that called, "Holy Spirit preaching."  You can't question Holy Spirit preaching because it is close to the level of divine inspiration.   God tells someone who to marry that is part of the "individual will of God."

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Why should I believe that he ever spoke? In other words, does "God not speaking today" reinforce the claim that Christianity and Judaism of the Old Testament is a "made up" religion?


In 1 Cor 12:2 Paul, talking to the Greek Corinthians who had worshipped silent idols, used that silence to show they were pointless. Is our "silent God" just as pointless? And, what does the next verse mean when you say "Jesus is Lord" by the Spirit? 

How are we led by the Spirit of God if He no longer talks, even in an inner witness? 

What is the point of an inner witness that is not discernable in any way from your own opinion and biases?

If you ask for counsel from a wise friend, how does God communicate with him to tell you something?

If all we are is led by wisdom and our ability to interpret the Scriptures, what did Paul mean when he said he spoke and taught in the demonstration of the Spirit's power (1 Cor 2:4)? Or was that just him doing that as an apostle and that power is not available any longer?

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I've been a big fan of a bit of logical analysis courtesy of a former pastor.  If we receive a Word from God, that Word is every bit as authoritative as Scripture.  So whether we call it prophecy, a Word from God, or His leading, we ought to be careful that how we are led is in fact consistent with Scripture--and if it is not, we need to remember how seriously Scripture takes the issue of false prophecy.  It was, of course, a capital crime.

So whether we are full cessationists, mild cessationists, or pentacostals or charismatics, we ought to agree that it is a tremendous responsibility to handle the Word of God, whether we receive it in written form in the Scriptures, by a leading of the Holy Spirit, or however.  

(my tendency is to be a mild cessationist--it could be that 1 Cor. 13 does in fact point out a time of quiet between the closing of the NT canon and the end times, but I could be wrong in interpreting it that way.....but on the flip side, I see very little evidence of genuine prophecy or other signs and wonders today...the big things to be revealed are the second coming, and we'll know that when it comes)

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