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I’d appreciate any suggestions you folks have on a basic discipleship book to walk new converts through. I was very disappointed to see that Regular Baptist Press doesn’t have hardly anything in this area! I’d prefer something dispensational and Baptist, but I fear that criteria is too narrow! Feel free to throw anything out there that you have found useful; I can tailor it as necessary.

Thanks very much!


MacArthur puts out a discipleship book called Fundamentals of the Faith. If it’s not Baptistic enough for you, RBP puts out a simple adult Sunday school study on Baptist distinctives you can use to augment.

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At the risk of loosing my fundamentalist “cred”, I’d like to recommend Matthias Media. They have lots of beneficial material from basic evangelism tools through discipleship.

Their “Christianity Explained” is great.

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I really do appreciate all the helpful suggestions you folks have given!

One book I am particularly impressed with is by C. Michael Patton, entitled Now That I’m a Christian: What It Means to Follow Jesus. I am not finished with it, but as a broad overview of orthodox beliefs and practices for the new believer, it’ll do just fine with some help from the Pastor. It’s not designed as a “10 lesson bible study” or anything like that, but it is an easy-going, conversational little book about fundamentals of the faith (e.g man, sin, God, Christ, faith, the Bible) and about living your faith (e.g. prayer, studying, suffering, church, mission).

Patton is a little too touchy-feely and wishy-washy for my personal tastes on his blog, but this book seems to be solid so far. Unless you write it yourself, you’ll never be onboard with everything someone else puts out!

I am perusing some of the books mentioned here, and will be ordering a bunch from the library to take a look at them. Thanks again!

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