Can Gender Really be a Matter of Choice for Children?

Tide under fire for a commercial that allegedly promotes traditional notions of femininity
“As harmless as the commercial may seem, it presents the problem of continuing prejudice against those who don’t follow traditional gender roles.”

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Amazes me that these critics actually think the traditional understandings of gender identity are still majority.
In reality, traditional ideas are now the non-conformist ones.
To me, it's a small ray of hope if a commercial actually shows a little respect for a mom who wants her daughter to be feminine.

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I think it's been a double standard for years- acceptable and even cute for a girl to be a tomboy, but definitely NOT cute for a boy to be a sissy. Christian parents never should have tolerated that dynamic.

Most movie and tv plot lines hinge on stereotypes- from the prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold to fanatically religious serial killer to the the gay interior decorator. Hi Pot- meet Kettle.

The magazine, Sex, Ect., that published the criticism, is the last place I'd look or recommend to kids for advice or information about sex. If you don't want to go to the magazine website, there is a review on the ]Common Sense Media website.

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It's almost considered enlightened now to raise sissies.