“Only 17.3 percent of Christian institutions surveyed define ‘authority of the Bible’ to mean ‘you believe everything it says.’”

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Can't say I'm surprised. I attend Pat Robertson's Regent University (undergrad), and we actually have professors who say the Bible contains contradictions and that Paul didn't write the Pastorals. When I complained to the chair of the religion and philosophy department, he said nothing the professors said contradicted our doctrinal statement. Of course, we hold to "infallibility," not "inerrancy," and then redefine it to accommodate apostate scholarship. My friends were shocked when I told them things that we were being taught (JEDP, Jesus could make mistakes since He was human, Bible contains historical errors) were actually untrue.

My heart breaks for innocent, naive kids that are being taught a low view of God's Word. Please pray for me, that I will have courage to stand and speak.

In the end, we don’t need grace or truth. We need grace and truth. And for people to see Jesus in us, they must see both. --Randy Alcorn