"Peters raises several questions regarding the impact the confirmation of alien life will have on religion."

“Peters conducted a survey, titled ‘The Peters ETI Religious Crisis Survey’ to determine the effects of a discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence on religion. More than 1,300 individuals worldwide from multiple religious traditions like Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, evangelicals, Orthodox Christians, Mormons, Jews, Buddhists and non-religious groups participated in the study.” The ET effect on religion

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I posted this response in the comments section:

Wow, I cannot even begin to describe the complete ignorance of basic orthodoxy such theological pursuits contain. The presentation of the Scriptures regarding the work of Christ and those seated with him in eternity future is exclusive, not inclusive. The descriptions of judgment are universal in Rev. and there are only two species of volitional beings that are judged and sentenced to separation from God, humans and angels. The exclusion of other volitional beings is just one of a number of reasons why understand there are no other such life forms in the universe. Earth is the center of divine history until the end of human history. Humanity's inauguration is a response by God in divine history to the preceding age of Angels where Lucifer rebelled and one third of the Angels rebelled with him. His sentence was issued and he awaits the day he will be ordered to begin serving it which is precisely the day when humanity's history ends. They are co-terminus. It is baffling what these so-called Protestant theologians come up with when exegesis and orthodox theology bores them.