Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest at Dale Goetz service

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An appropriate scriptural account for Westboro Baptist picketers is Acts 16:16-18.

These people are most likely Satanic imitators of Christians to bring disrepute upon Christian churches. What truth they state is said in a way to make all reject it.

A true church of Satan never uses Satan's name.

Picketing a God honoring Bible believing servant of God is obviously not of the true God.

They do the work of the god of this world!

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... they picket b/c they're mad at the army in general for accepting homosexuals? is that right?

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Apologies to Anne. I edited your post instead of quoting it. As a result I deleted some of your comments. I apologize.

In response to your comment:

they picket b/c they're mad at the army in general for accepting homosexuals? is that right?

The Phelps group is probably what many would call a "hate group". I won't direct you to their website (which is probably blocked on my corporate network anyway!) but if you do Google search "Wiki Westboro Baptist" you can find the site (scroll down for a link to their site (but prepare to "gag" at the message there!))

They were protesting well before the Obama administration position change on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don%27t_ask,_don%27t_tell ]Don't ask, don't tell

The sick genius of Westboro Baptist, Jones and his Quran burning, or the http://sharperiron.org/filings/10-14-09/12410 ]Halloween book burning is the incredible amount of free press that they received. Consider Westboro ... attendance figures unknown to me but probably well less than 100; Jones: 30ish; the Amazing Grace Baptist Church (book-burning link above): well less than 100. Steve Anderson, in my own view, fits this same pattern.

Westboro has even http://sharperiron.org/filings/7-28-10/15757 ]managed to make money from lawsuits

At the end of the day, I suspect that Pastor (I consider him a false teacher) Jones and his wife (Mrs. Pastor Jones) praise their god for their good work!

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I still dont' understand why they're picketing . . . I read the DADT article, I haven't been able to connect the dots yet . . .