“Why does Comedy Central give such deference to Islam while mocking Christianity?”

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this is retarded. did anyone even know this series was being planned before? now everyone knows and many times more people will watch at least the first episode of this sophomoric cartoon just to see what it's all about. comedy central irreverently makes fun of a lot of stuff, including muhammad. as they showed with south park, it's possible to make fun of islam's greatest figure and the muslim outrage over visual depictions without actually using any visual depiction at all. i haven't seen any statistics, but i imagine that many more people watched that stupid episode just because of curiosity from the media firestorm than any of the other episodes in the season.

i think it would be a lot more productive for christians concerned about depictions of jesus to create interesting content with theologically accurate depictions. the real story seems like it could easily be presented in a way that would be a lot more interesting than this meaningless show.