Saddleback’s Andy Wood: Female Teaching Pastors Are Biblical, Female Elders Are Not

“Stacie and I are grateful to be called to serve at Saddleback Church. We are not co-pastors but rather have unique roles on staff. I’m serving as the lead pastor and one of our Saddleback overseers while Stacie is serving as one of our teaching pastors” - C.Leaders


I would say that a female teacher of women (or children) isn't problematic, but I think Saddleback is going a touch further.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

Even calling a teacher of women or children "pastor" is unwise. It goes beyond what the Bible uses the words pastor/elder and conditions people to accept the word "pastor" for other contexts.

Wally Morris

Charity Baptist Church

Huntington, IN