Will your church be hosting a Reformation Sunday service?

"Reformation Sunday is an opportunity to affirm our doctrinal convictions and to praise God for His ongoing reformation in the Church. The Alliance wants to promote your event to our members." - Ref21

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... I spoke at the same church I will be preaching at on Oct. 31. I showed a preview slide for the message, and asked, "How many know that Oct. 31 is a holiday?"

No hands raised—it is not a hand-raising church.

"How many know it is not Halloween?", I asked.

No hands raised.

"Well, come back on Oct. 31," I said, "because you're going to learn a lot about both!"

Church Ministries Representative, serving in the Midwest, for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry 

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Our church celebrates it every year (except last year because of Covid). It's always a great time and I think a great way to further define what we believe. 

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Our church doesn't celebrate Reformation Day every year, but the times we have done so have been a great blessing.  This year, I will be away from my church on October 31 because I have been asked to speak at Reformation Day at another church that celebrates it faithfully every year.  I'm looking forward to this opportunity.

G. N. Barkman

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We won't.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..