How often does your church practice the Lord's Supper?

This question needs to be answered in a general sense.  For example, during COVID, a lot of churches did not practice the Lord's Supper at all, while others practiced online as viewers obtained their own elements.

Then there are special occasions.  In addition to our Sunday schedule of every-other-month, we also celebrate the Lord's Supper on Good Frdaiy.  So I would choose the "every other month" option, even though the answer was not exact.

EXCEPTIONS ARE A GIVEN AND THEY ARE UNDERSTOOD.  We are talking about "generally."

Also, we are talking about celebrating as a congregation or in a coordinated fashion in homes or groups.  If your church has small groups that set their own agendas, that does not count.

I have tried to come up with every eventuality I could think of, but there is someone out there who has to be different. That's why we have the "other" choice!  Smile


More than once a week
0% (0 votes)
20% (5 votes)
More than once a month but less than weekly
0% (0 votes)
60% (15 votes)
Every 6 weeks or month and a half or something like this
8% (2 votes)
Every other month
4% (1 vote)
8% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Rarely or never
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0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 25
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Occasionally I encounter folks who take the position that we ought to share in the Supper weekly. They often point out that we don't limit the frequency of other practices like preaching, singing, or offerings in order to avoid them becoming merely ritualistic. That's a fair point, but then I wonder why it is that they want to do it so infrequently as once a week. If more often is better, why not go back to the Acts 2 model of daily observance? 

My opinion is simply that Scripture does not give instruction about the frequency of the Supper, and many variables may affect how often any congregation chooses to observe it. Far more important than frequency is the question of whether we do honor to Christ in the way we observe it.