SBC Executive Committee rejects request for system-wide abuse inquiry

"Another committee member argued against a fellow member’s request, saying there is no one in the SBC who favors sex abuse." - RNS   Related, at Church Leaders: SBC Executive Committee Vote Shocks As Abuse Survivors Urge ‘Immediate Action’

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Here's Rachael Denhollander's take .  The way I'd put it is that the SBC is a club with rules, and those rules can include "you do not tolerate sexual abuse in the club."  One does not have to "favor" sex abuse to be someone whose behavior tacitly protects it by preventing investigations.

Really, the objections remind me of objections I heard to ISO audits at one employer for which I worked--the assumption was made that the auditors would basically shut down the whole factory by talking to everyone there.  Like management at my former employer, SBC leaders need to understand that the auditors are going to go only where they've got some evidence that they'll learn something interesting.

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