Why Aren’t the Atheists Angry?

"Increasingly they ask questions that aren’t trying to 'evangelize' me to atheism or to get cheers from the other skeptics but just to ask how someone could believe something like what I believe." - Russell Moore

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The main difference between the angriest atheists I’ve encountered and the most civil often comes down to this: the angry ones grew up in religious homes. Their passion really wasn’t about abstractions. They saw religion not just as something that was “superstitious” or “unscientific” but as something that had, in their view, hurt them. The response to that ought to be one of compassion and patience. 

Moore is disagreeing with DeBoer's thesis that the rage has abated because atheists now see Christians as knowingly faking their faith because it's useful, but it's all really not to be taken seriously. I.e. they don't take it seriously enough to be angered by it. 

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