Has mask-wearing or conspiracy theories created fellowship issues in your church?

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Hopefully most of us understand the concept of not judging others when it comes to extra-biblical matters, and we can accommodate a variety of opinions and respect those with whom we disagree. Not everyone has those social/people skills, however.

We are blessed in our church to have a variety of opinions without put-downs or disharmony, but I hear that this is not true everywhere.

How is your church doing in this regard?

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Has mask-wearing or conspiracy theories created fellowship issues in your church?

We get along fine despite differing opinions on these matters. Votes: 8
We get along fine because we are all pretty much agreed on these matters, but might not otherwise. Votes: 1
We have had some conflict over these things, but it is minor. Votes: 4
We have had serious conflict over this. Votes: 1
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I’m very grateful that this has not been source of contention at our church. I know that’s not always the case.

Josh Stilwell, associate pastor, Alathea Baptist Church, Des Moines, Iowa.

Fun and Mental

We’ve really emphasized the concept of “love one another” (preaching through 1 John on Wednesdays helps!). We have tried to emphasize that no one should feel excluded mask or no mask, etc. We try to maintain distances in our gatherings, but we all tend to like one another, so it is a bit hard to keep to that in the “between service” times. I keep harping on it.

A couple of people have decided to stay away, because of Covid fears. I’ve assured them that we aren’t pressuring them to attend. However, heard reports of some who may have been off doing other things, so perhaps I should think of a way to encourage them to see that if they can go to the beach they can go to church too!

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3