New Book: Discontinuity to Continuity: A Survey of Dispensational and Covenantal Theologies

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Hope to review it before too long. 

Dr. Paul Henebury

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I remember, about 20 years back, asking my pastor if there were any fair-minded books that addressed both the covenant and dispensational approaches.  Now whatever actually existed at the time, he didn't know of any, and there was almost a snicker as he told me that in his view, no, there were not.  Something like "oh, you poor naive young soul".  :^)   Hopefully this book fills that spot to a degree.

So I look forward to this,and to reviews of the same.  For reference, this is Benjamin L. Merkle, a professor at SEBTS, not Benjamin R. Merkle, head of New Saint Andrews College and, if I remember right, the son-in-law of Doug Wilson.  Interesting to see two theologians with such similar, but uncommon, names.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I wonder how it compares to Continuity and Discontinuity, edited by Feinberg. It sounds like it may be a more up to date treatment. It'll be on my list. 

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Just finished reading it.  I found it informative, concise, and fair.

The only critique I have is that it does not have an author/person index.