Dr. John C. Whitcomb, Coauthor of The Genesis Flood, Passes Away

"Dr. Whitcomb greatly impacted my life. During my final year of university studies in 1974, I first obtained a copy of his book The Genesis Flood (co-authored with the late Dr. Henry Morris). This book, along with others I had gotten, gave me biblical and scientific answers to those who attacked the record of the flood in Genesis." - Ken Ham

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He will sure be missed! I only talked with him once, but we had a good conversation, and he radiated faith, joy, and love in pretty much equal amounts. It was a blessing to know him.

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Dr. Whitcomb was a great teacher. I had a class where we went through a series of lectures that he had done on presuppositional apologetics. One of the better classes I have had. He always struck me as a man of legitimate scholarship who had a vibrant relationship with Christ.

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The work I'll always associate with Whitcomb is his little Esther commentary in Moody's Everyman's Bible Commentary series. Very, very good commentary.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government. He's the author of the book What's It Mean to Be a Baptist?

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The book The Genesis Flood was the first book I read which showed in detail the Biblical and scientific case for the Flood. My copy is signed by both Morris and Whitcomb - Morris signed on 1/26/79 referencing Psalm 33:4-6 and Whitcomb signed on 8/5/08, referencing 2 Peter 3:1-7. Once at an Indiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship meeting he and his wife came and sat by me at lunch. I asked him about Hebrew and he said that retaining the language gets harder every year. His books and charts are excellent.

Wally Morris

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Never read the book. I've tried about three times. Never read any creation science text, actually. I find it very hard to be interested in details about science. I really don't like it. The teleological argument seals the deal for me, without the need to delve into creation science apologetics. I know this may be a fault of mine, but I've survived this far!

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government. He's the author of the book What's It Mean to Be a Baptist?

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Sorry to hear this news.

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