Jeff Straub on Founder's Ministry documentary “By What Standard?”

"Fundamentalists may think that issues like these outside our movement will impact us little. However, it is in no one’s best interest to see the SBC surrender the ground gained in the Conservative Resurgence to cultural liberalism." - P & D

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I welcome 'By What Standard?' and believe its arguments.  I hope the members of the SBC reverse their vote on CRT and intersectionality, but I am not optimistic.  I think the Church in America is in a tail-spin.

Dr. Paul Henebury

I am Founder of Telos Ministries, and Senior Pastor at Agape Bible Church in N. Ca.

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For a critical perspective (though not exactly what I'd call "analysis")...

Maybe they can get a dead cat bounce out of the movie

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Look for more churches to leave the SBC, even as SBC leaders try to salvage the Conservative Resurgence. Beth Moore is creating big headaches for Mohler & others. SBC President Greear is publicly supporting Moore and, interestingly, a speaker at John Piper's upcoming conference. In recent decades, the SBC has managed to hold the Convention together. Now the always present frayed edges are coming apart.

These issues are already impacting Fundamentalists. Theology must be constantly taught & emphasized, or people will be influenced by what is currently popular in the culture. I have many relatives in SBC churches. If you think Fundamentalist churches have problems, take a closer look at SBC churches. Young people in avg SBC churches have stopped coming to church, adopted secular culture living, and even openly rejected Christianity. Don't be fooled by the numbers and publicity coming from SBC seminaries. They are in big trouble.

Wally Morris

Charity Baptist Church

Huntington, IN