“Millions of Americans have abandoned religion, only to re-create it everywhere they look”

"Although belief in God is no panacea for these problems, religion is more than a theism. It is a bundle: a theory of the world, a community, a social identity, a means of finding peace and purpose, and a weekly routine. Those, like me, who have largely rejected this package deal, often find themselves shopping à la carte for meaning, community, and routine to fill a faith-shaped void." - The Atlantic

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Sad and encouraging at the same time. Mostly sad. But he is giving the whole thing such thoughtful attention, and recognizes something is missing.

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It really is outstanding writing. I think it is dead on in the theory that when evangelicals joined up with religious right, they managed to ineptly eject probably millions (mostly younger people) from Christianity. I get it; it is very very hard for me to stomach evangelicalism right now. 

On the flip side, the author clearly believes something that many non-religious thinkers such as Kant have recognized: there is value in a society believing in a God. In fact, it just may be necessary for a society to believe in a God if it is going to survive.