Why Do Parents Have Trouble Teaching Children Respect?

"Clearly parents want to raise their children to be successful adults, but they simply do not know how to accomplish this. They are seeking advice, but they have nowhere to turn except to professional coaches." - Intellectual Takeout

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...it has something to do with keeping them in "kids-only" areas instead of giving them experience dealing with adult situations?  It also probably doesn't help that today's parents (my generation and younger) suffered from the same problem--too much kid time, too little time around adults.  So to a degree, I'd guess today's adults have less idea how to interact with adults--and train children to do the same--than did their parents.  

Partial cure: spend a few extra bucks next time you eat out and go to a real restaurant with waiters and waitresses?  Really, I do a fair amount of interacting with young and even middle aged people who are suffering HUGELY from (to draw a picture) never having played bridge with their elders and the like. 

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