Michigan: state-affiliated adoption agencies must allow LGBT couples to adopt

"As part of a settlement, Michigan agreed Friday that state-contracted adoption agencies must follow non-discrimination requirements and allow LGBT couples to adopt or foster children." - Jurist

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It's not an easy thing to do, but if Christians would do the adopting, the likelihood of LGBT couples adopting would drop dramatically.  I don't think the legal decision here can, at least for the reasonable short/medium term, be anything else than what Obergefell tells us.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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The problem isn't so much for adoptions as it is for agencies who can't choose not to adopt out to gays. The Michigan AG is making a national reputation and was part of the team that worked the Obergefell suit. 


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Someone correct me If I’m wrong but the first adoption by a gay male couple occurred in NJ about 15 to 20 years ago.  I recall this couple took on a child for Foster Care and the child was a Baby who supposedly had HIV and was addicted to crack cocaine.  No one else wanted to take the child due to the intensive home care this child needed. 

Well the Gay couple did take on the responsibility and over two years nursed the child back to full health.  It was a young white male 2 year old.  It turned out the child was not HIV positive. 

Well when the Gay Couple wanted to adopt the child the Christian Right Organizations and Jay Sekalow types came out of the woodwork.  Condemning the Gay Couple for even wanting to adopt the child.

 My opinion on this matter is WHERE WERE THE CHRISTIAN COUPLES WHEN NO ONE ELSE WANTED THE CHILD AND NOW THAT THE CHILD DID NOT HAVE HIV THE CHILD IS NOW ACCEPTABLE TO ADOPT.  In my mind it’s to little and to late and the Gay Couple deserved the child which is what a judge decided over the rants and complaints of the so-called Christian Community.   In this matter the Christian Community were in SIN for publicly and so vehemently demonizing the Gay Couple and not showing up for this child and children like him in the first place.  No Christian love was shown when this occurred.  The militant Christian Right Machine was out in force and thoroughly disgraced the name of Jesus Christ.