‘Obamacare’ alternative: health-sharing ministries offered a way out

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Tim and Jean Hoefling are well-loved residents of Louisville, CO. They are faithful Christians who served many years as missionaries and have been active members in their church community. Tim has always been a hardworking family man who has hardly known a day of ill health. Recently, he began to feel low on energy and unable to recover from what he thought was the flu. However, a few days ago he was admitted to the hospital because it was discovered that he has suffered two undiagnosed heart attacks, has a blood clot near his heart, and a systemic infection that cannot be identified. As of 3/25/19 he was air lifted to Anschutz where they have determined the best course of action is a heart transplant. The Hoeflings only have a health insurance co-op plan. The doctors will not move forward with the transplant until they are sure the money will be available to pay for it. They are looking at about $800,000.