Non-Christians want to talk faith, but don't see Christians as good listeners, Barna finds

"The study found that for non-Christians who are willing to talk about faith with their Christian peers, their preferences for dialogue often fall short of their experiences." - Christian Post

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So unbelievers and apostates want conversations with a believer who “listens without judgment,” and "does not force a conclusion." Sounds to me like they want Christians to not evangelize them at all. Is anyone surprised by that? Would we expect unregenerate men and women to want to be won to Christ? If they just want someone who will affirm their own freedom and let them vent without judgment, they should hire a therapist.

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Some are, per Paul's comment, just wanting to talk about spirituality without ever gaining a knowledge of the truth, but it strikes me that others are simply turned off by some of how we attempt to spread the Gospel.  A gut check for all of us, myself especially, is "am I talking or listening?".  The openings will come, if they exist, if you listen.

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