Interview: Dr. Paige Patterson on the #Metoo Movement

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Patterson here goes on record claiming things that other participants, as well as the trustees at SWBTS and leadership at SEBTS (both groups having seen the original records), emphatically deny, and Mefferd seems bound to make this a total puff piece with fawning questions, even making Patterson's case for him at times.  

Dangerous business for him, as speaking to these matters without even admitting the plausibility of the allegations is going to seriously tick off his detractors.  If he re-enters the mainstream of SBC life, I predict the firestorm erupts again, perhaps to the point of persuading Megan Lively to sign off on releasing the Title IX documents which presumably indicate that, yes, it was a sexual assault report without a police report made.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Thanks for posting this.  It is a good interview with Dr. Paige Patterson.  

David R. Brumbelow

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The one thing that none of us has seen is the original documents from SEBTS and SWBTS regarding the investigations of alleged sexual assault.  In the case of Mrs. Lively, the executives at SEBTS and the trustees of SWBTS are the only ones who have seen these legally in the past ten years or so, and they affirm that yes, those documents do affirm that she did in fact report a sexual assault in 2003.  

The danger, again, for Patterson is that if he is seen as re-entering the mainstream of fundagelical thought while continuing to affirm what SEBTS and SWBTS emphatically deny, he's extremely likely to provoke Ms. Lively and the other complainants to sign documents to release the originals--and if those trustees are correct, it deals a body slam to his carefully manufactured credibility.  

Real friends deal with the facts on the ground as they are, and Mrs. Mefferd does Patterson no favors in this puff piece.  None.At.All.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.