Welcome to SharperIron 3.2

newAs you can see, the latest site redesign is online now. We hope you’ll enjoy it. A few things to check out.

  • New menu system
  • New editor for comments: now you can format your comments with a far more functional toolbar (or html code, if you like). Several common ctrl+ key combinations work in the editor as well.
  • Forum structure: we’ve simplified the Forum structure a good bit. It should be easier to see where to put the sort of conversation you want to have.
  • Tagging: this function is “in the rough,” but you can now tag your Forum opening posts.

It isn’t really completely “done,” but should be stable and functional—and we’ll work the bugs out over the next few days.

A good place to post questions or problems would be either the comments section below or in the forum thread: Known Issues in 3.2

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Visiting the site from different PCs using different browsers, I found that some retained elements from the old design (somewhat randomly) until emptying the browser cache and refreshing the screen.

So... if you haven't done this yet, the site may not look right until you do.

How: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache

(You only need to clear the "cache" or "temporary files." No need to clear history etc.)

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