The Terrorist Who Came in from the Cold (Part 4)

This is the conclusion of an apologetic series intended to confront secular unbelievers with the bankruptcy of their worldviews, based on my 2019 Easter sermon. In the first installment, we discussed what faith is and what it isn’t, and challenged readers to consider the evidence for placing allegiance and trust in Jesus based on a comparison of worldviews. In the second and third articles, we compared and contrasted the secular and Christian worldviews.

In this last article, we ask secular unbelievers to consider what their worldview is actually based on – blind faith or evidence?

What’s your faith based on?

You don’t understand how your phone works. You know you don’t understand it. You tap the glass, access several different screens, tap the glass a certain way again, and you can have anything you want shipped to your house in a few days.

You can’t explain everything about why or how it works, but you have evidence that it does work – and that’s good enough for you. I challenge you today to do the same with your worldview; with your filter and translator for reality:

  1. does it make sense of the world?
  2. does it answer the “big questions” of life?
  3. does it force you to live a contradictory lie, where you believe one thing, but you act in a completely different way?
  4. is your way of looking at the world a mishmash of disparate pieces from all over the map, compressed and flattened into a suspicious shape – like a stale chicken nugget from McDonalds?
  5. which narrative best explains life, best explains you, best explains this world we live in, and best explains that desire in your heart and soul for meaning, significance and hope?

In short, which worldview best fits the evidence; yours or the Christian one? Do you have “blind faith” in a system or set of beliefs that actually make no sense? Will you continue to believe in a worldview that’s intellectually bankrupt, despite evidence that the Christian message has answers your worldview doesn’t?

Surrender and join the family

Jesus said, “repent and believe the Gospel,” (Mk 1:15). This means:

  1. you lay down your arms and surrender
  2. you believe Jesus has already obeyed God for you - because He loves you
  3. you believe that Jesus has already served your figurative prison sentence for you - because He loves you
  4. you believe that Jesus already defeated Satan for you - because He loves you
  5. you believe that you’re not a homeowner, so to speak – you’re a tenant who lives in a world and a body that isn’t your own
  6. you believe that you belong to God, whether you admit it or not

Jesus calls you to admit it, to lay down your arms, to come in from the cold, and to join His family - and you can do that, because the Christian faith and message is the only one that makes sense of you and this world we live in. So, come to Jesus, come in from the cold, and whoever you are and whatever you’ve done, He’ll be a perfect and merciful Savior.

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