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SharperIron has featured book reviews since it’s first year on the ‘Net. (This one may have been the first.) Since February of ‘07 we’ve enlisted the aid of volunteer book review editors, beginning with Jason Button. In ‘08, Jason shifted his energies in a different direction and Ken Largent rose to the occasion. We’ve been blessed by the work of both of these men as well as the many reviewers who have contributed. (Take a look at the “books” tag to browse their output.)

Starting officially today, SI’s new Reviews Editor is Bob Hayton.

Bob has been active at SI since at least the spring of 2006 and has been blogging at Fundamentally Reformed and KJV Only Debate Blog for several years as well. During that time, he has shown an active alertness to new and important books, many of which are of special interest to SharperIron readers. He has reviewed over one hundred books, some of which we have posted here in recent months. Bob has also shown a high comfort level with Web techologies and savvy in putting them to good use.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s also young, a family man and a Minnnesotan.

In the weeks ahead, you’ll be seeing some changes in how we handle reviews here. Our About SharperIron Reviews page will see adjustments. Bob has some exciting ideas for enhancing what we offer here in the reviews department. We’ll be working through those and rolling them out when they’re ready.

Bob’s background is “former IFBx” (as in “extreme”). Though he had some exposure to healthy aspects of movement-fundamentalism growing up, he also experienced more than a little of the messed up species of fundamentalism. He now identifies himself as one who believes in the principles of fundamentalism but does not identify with the movement.

Theologically, Bob found a seriousness in Reformed theology that was lacking in his previous experience. You can read about his views on Reformed theology and its benefits for fundamentalism at Fundamentally Reformed.

Though our previous Reviews Editor was not Reformed, Bob’s move into the RE role doesn’t represent a shift at SharperIron. Our first Reviews Editor was strongly Reformed in his theology. For my part, I have found the work of the Reformers to be too important to ignore and too stimulating and insightful to study without benefit—though I remain a non-Reformed (and dispensationalist) Baptist.

In his history at SI, Bob has shown a thoughtful and congenial spirit in discussions. I look forward to what he’ll bring to our reviews department.

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Bob Hayton's picture

Let me just say that I'm thrilled to come on board with the SI team and help out with a site that's helped me out in many ways over the years. Looking forward to this project. Thanks for having me!

Striving for the unity of the faith, for the glory of God ~ Eph. 4:3, 13; Rom. 15:5-7 I blog at Fundamentally Reformed. Follow me on Twitter.

Mathew Sims's picture

Congrats Bob!

Mathew Sims

skjnoble's picture

Thankful to have you as an editor, Bob! Blessings, Kim Smile

Greg Long's picture

That's great news! Looking forward to your efforts, Bob.

Greg Long, Ed.D. (SBTS)

Pastor of Adult Ministries
Grace Church, Des Moines, IA

Adjunct Instructor
School of Divinity
Liberty University

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Bob is a great choice. I always enjoy his reviews and comments.

Matthew Richards's picture

Very nice. SI and Bob Hayton have both been a blessing to me over the years. Looking forward to more good stuff!

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