The Fundamentals -- Volume XI Foreward

(This volume was probably originally published around 1914. About this series)


There has been much unavoidable delay in connection with the issue of this volume of “THE FUNDAMENTALS,” Volume XI. This was occasioned by the very serious illness of the former Executive Secretary of “THE FUNDAMENTALS” Committee. This illness lasted for many months, only terminating in his death. He bore up very bravely and it was not thought wise to put the work in other hands lest he should be discouraged, feeling that there was no hope. Further delay was occasioned by the necessity of going over his manuscripts and papers and selecting such as had already been passed upon by the Committee for Volume XI and in passing upon other manuscripts in his possession.

We have been greatly cheered by the letters that have come to us from all parts of the world, from ministers, missionaries, editors, college presidents, Sunday School superintendents and others, speaking of the great personal blessing which they have received from “THE FUNDAMENTALS,” and of the good accomplished by the various volumes in the lives of others to whom they have been passed on.

The present volume will go to about one hundred thousand English-speaking Protestant pastors, evangelists, missionaries, theological professors, theological students, Y. M. C. A. secretaries, Y. W. C. A. secretaries, Sunday School superintendents, religious editors, and lay workers throughout the earth. May we ask the prayers of every reader that it may be abundantly blessed, as its predecessors have been, unto the strengthening of the faith of Christians, unto the defense of the truth against the various forms of error so prevalent at the present day, and unto the conversion of a multitude of the unsaved.

There is a large circle of prayer formed of men and women in all parts of the earth who know God and who are upholding before Him the work of “THE FUNDAMENTALS” and of the Committee to which the Two Christian Laymen have entrusted the editing and publishing of these volumes. We earnestly request other men and women who know God to join this circle of prayer in order that in answer to believing and united prayer the truth may have new power and that a world-wide revival of religion may be begun and grow.

It was the original plan of the Two Laymen who gave the money for this work that there should be twelve volumes of “THE FUNDAMENTALS” issued: so there remains but one volume to be issued. Prayer is desired that wisdom may be given to the Committee in the selection of the material for the final volume. A wide desire is manifested that “THE FUNDAMENTALS” be continued in some way after the issue of the twelve volumes. Probably essentially the same work will be continued in some form, but that form has not yet been decided upon.

All editorial correspondence should be addressed to the Executive Secretary of The Fundamentals, 1945 La France Avenue, South Pasadena, California. There is no desire, however, for the submission of manuscripts by anybody unless specific request for such manuscript is made. We can use but few more manuscripts, and some are already in hand.

All business correspondence should be addressed to the Testimony Publishing Company, 808 North La Salle Street, Chicago, Illinois, U. S. A.

(See Publishers’ Notice, Page 127.)

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