FBFI Resolution 09-05

See “Note to the Readers.”

Regarding Personal Holiness

Whereas the Scripture consistently commands us to practice personal holiness,

And whereas the nature of personal holiness grows out of the very nature and character of God,

And whereas many professing believers have significantly departed from aspects of personal holiness commanded by the Scriptures and practiced by Bible believers for centuries,

And whereas God calls us be to salt and light in the world,

And whereas we recognize that failure in this area is a problem in our own lives and our own churches,

We call on all who name the Name of Christ to recommit themselves to a life of purity and distinction from the sinfulness of the world. This purity must flow from a deep love for our Lord Jesus Christ and a gratitude for the great work He has done for us in salvation. Such holiness must not be corrupted by the excesses of false liberty or the arbitrary boundaries of a passionless legalism. We must seek a deep and committed relationship with Jesus Christ that captivates every thought, dominates every activity, and brings every aspect of our lives under His loving Lordship.

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