Review: Finding the Right Hills to Die On by Gavin Ortlund

"...everybody separates, has lines of demarcation around a set of acceptable views, lines that keep out unacceptable ones. Everybody, I think, stratifies doctrine, from the irascible discernment blogger who seems to treat every doctrine as of first importance to the liberal who makes it all negotiable." - Mark Ward

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Reformed Church in America splits as conservative churches form new denomination

"The departure of the theologically conservative congregations to the new group, the Alliance of Reformed Churches, leaves some who remain in the RCA concerned for the denomination’s survival. Before the split, the nearly 400-year-old denomination had fewer than 200,000 members and 1,000 churches." - RNS

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G3 Ministries President’s Church Leaves SBC Citing “leftward movement”

"In explaining the reason for Pray’s Mill Baptist Church’s departure from the SBC, Buice cited a 'devious deconstruction plan' that some leaders have been working behind the scenes to accomplish. Recent scandals, controversies, and divisions led to the decision to break away from the 176-year-old denomination." - C.Leaders

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The Ever-Changing Definition of a Fundamentalist

"...while separation over the fundamentals is biblical and necessary, the fundamental doctrines of the faith are not the ONLY legitimate reasons for separation and whether a person (or church or institution) is fundamentalist or not must not be the only consideration in view." - P&D

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“Sometimes we flatten out all doctrine—either because we want to fight about everything or because we want to fight about nothing.”

"If our identity is riding on our differences with other believers, we will tend to major in the study of differences. We may even find ourselves looking for faults in others in order to define ourselves." - TGC

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J. Greshem Machen’s 20th-century take on liberalism could guide faithful Methodists today

"When Princeton embraced liberal theology, Machen left and founded Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia to carry on Biblical training for Presbyterian clergy. When the Northern Presbyterian Church later suspended Machen and others for supporting Biblical missions, Machen exited that denomination to form the Orthodox Presbyterian Church as a Biblically faithful alternative." - WORLD

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Implementing Separatist Convictions, Part 3

By Ernest Pickering (1928-2000). Read Part 1and Part 2.

The Pitfalls of Separatists

Separatists are human. They have sins. They are not perfect. While the matters about to be discussed are not problems exclusively for separatists, separatists are especially vulnerable to them by virtue of their unique position.

An improper spirit

It is possible to believe the right things, but to hold them and present them in the wrong way. Paul told us this when he spoke of those in Philippi who preached Christ “of envy and strife” and “of contention” (Philippians 1:15, 16). He was saying that he was happy for their message—Christ—but saddened by their spirit. Because separatists are in almost constant conflict in order to maintain their position against the tremendous attacks mounted against them, they can develop a spirit of bitterness and acrimony. They are under the gun most of the time, and this situation can take its toll. It is very important to be “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15). On occasion, some separatists may be long on truth and short on love.

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