"...(T)echnology is not part of God's plan but a product of human creativity and hubris, and that its capacity for good or evil rests entirely on human awareness of what it does for us and to us."

Crunchy Con with thoughts from Neil Postman- “5 things we need to know about technology”

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The Consequences of Technology

First Things: “iPhones Have Consequences”-
“Ideas have consequences and…the consequence of this particular idea will be the coming of age of successive generations who know less and less about the ideas that gave us Western civilization, and who therefore have less and less investment in its continuation. ‘Knowledge…supplies a motivation that ordinary ambitions don’t.’”

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"I'm afraid part of the reason many Christian works in the public domain haven't been scanned and made publicly available is the balkanization of the Christian Bible software market and the greed of Christian software publishers."