Gay Marriage

Wedding cake court case draws varied Baptist responses

"The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission filed a brief Sept. 7—along with the Christian Life Commission of the Missouri Baptist Convention and others—arguing the “free exercise of religion by secular vocations in the marketplace should be no less protected than sacred vocations in the ministry,” citing the Supreme Court ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores." Baptist Standard

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High-profile Baptist church set for historic vote on same-sex marriages

“Should it pass, this motion would make clear that our ministers are free to perform the wedding of same-sex couples at our church in the same way we do couples of different sex. ... First Baptist Church of Christ is part of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.” Telegraph

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InterVarsity Denies It Will Fire Employees Who Support Gay Marriage

"'That is not the case. In fact, InterVarsity doesn't have a policy regarding employee views on civil marriage,' stated InterVarsity on Thursday evening. 'We do continue to hold to an orthodox view of human sexuality and Christian marriage, as you can read in our Theology of Human Sexuality Document.'"

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