Gay Marriage

Survey: Mormon support for same-sex marriage has doubled in the last decade, survey shows

"The Public Religion Research Institute last week released the latest findings in its ongoing project of assessing Americans’ feelings about LGBTQ issues.... (Mormons) are still more conservative than the nation, but show a broadening of LGBTQ support compared with past surveys." - RNS

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Evangelicals push for new bishop after Church in Wales allows pastors to bless gay marriages

"The Church in Wales, composed of six Anglican dioceses in the United Kingdom, does not allow clergy to conduct legally binding same-sex marriage ceremonies. However, in a Sept. 6 vote of 28 to 12 in favor with two abstentions, clergy were approved to host blessing ceremonies for same-sex unions in their churches." - C.Post

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Wedding Venue Turns Down Gay Couple: ‘We Believe in the Sanctity of Marriage’

"The state of North Carolina currently prohibits businesses from discriminating based on qualities that include race, sex, and religious belief, but does not specify protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity." - C.Leaders

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Justices Alito and Thomas' sharp criticism of the Supreme Court for Obergefell

"Thomas wrote that the 5-4 majority in a 2015 case had 'read a right to same-sex marriage' into the Constitution, 'even though that right is found nowhere in the text.' And he said that the decision 'enables courts and governments to brand religious adherents who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman as bigots.'" - C.Leaders/AP

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Episcopal Church panel rules against bishop who banned gay marriage in diocese: He 'violated canon law'

"A Title IV Hearing Panel, which focuses on issues of ecclesiastical discipline when a clergy is accused of misconduct, released a unanimous opinion last Friday finding Love guilty." - C.Post

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Woman in same-sex marriage sues Fuller Seminary over expulsion, cites Title IX

“Defendants discriminated against Mrs. Maxon based on her sexual orientation because it expelled Mrs. Maxon for entering into a civil same-sex marriage,” reads the suit....“Defendants also discriminated against Mrs. Maxon based on her sex and sexual orientation by subjecting her to stricter disciplinary action than Fuller would have subjected a male, heterosexual student.” - Christian Post

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