Younger Evangelicals More Likely Than Older to Want In-Depth Sermons, Survey Finds

"Some people have advocated for short sermons for the younger generation . . . with the idea being that younger adults have shorter attention spans. Yet only 10 percent of evangelicals under age 40 would prefer shorter sermons at their church." - C.Leaders

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Church Leaders Should Read or Listen to the News Every Day

"8. Paying attention to the news will challenge you to keep learning. Consider into how many areas reading the news will take you, including politics, sports, arts, health, etc. God has given us a brain to use as we do ministry, and reading the news will stretch that brain every day." - Chuck Lawless

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How Preaching Christmas Services Tests a Preacher’s Confidence in the Gospel

"Not only can people reveal boredom 'with the same message,' but preachers can fall prey to having a desire to say something unique or different.... Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You can rest in the power of the message that you get to declare." - Eric Geiger 

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