Church Attendance

More houses of worship are returning to normal operations, but in-person attendance is unchanged since fall

"...the overall share of U.S. worshippers who say their congregation is open to in-person services has not increased over the last six months, but fewer people say their services include coronavirus-related precautions." - Pew

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Do Churches Really Discipline for Non-Attendance? A Brief History of Four Baptist Churches

"Baptists of past generations were famous, not only for the frequency with which they excluded members, but for the variety of offenses that were considered worthy of exclusion. One of those reasons receiving renewed attention is non-attendance." - 9 Marks

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Most Churchgoers, and Almost All Churches, Are Now Gathering in Person

"A majority of churches didn’t start holding in-person services again until June 2020. By September 2020, 87% met physically, but that dropped to 76% in January 2021, according to Lifeway Research studies conducted at the time. In August 2021, however, only 2% of churches did not meet in person at all." - Lifeway

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Dangers of Valuing Politics More Than People

"Two noticeable reasons stand out among the reasons young adults stop attending church for at least a year between ages 18-22: 32% dropped out because church members seemed judgmental or hypocritical 25% dropped out because they disagreed with the church’s stance on political/social issues" - Lifeway

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