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When should churches regather? “It seems to me the strong opinions fall into two broad groups”

"Group 1 contains those who don’t feel vulnerable, haven’t lost anyone they love, don’t know anyone who has suffered from Covid-19, and don’t live in a region strongly impacted. Group 1 feels oppressed by government overreach. Group 2 contains those who are vulnerable, who have lost a close relationship, who know someone who has suffered from Covid-19, and who live near regions that have been seriously impacted.

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What Should I Do With Those Who Are Unable or Unwilling to Attend Church When We Start Gathering?

"The reasons someone might not want to attend church gatherings vary greatly and our pastoral response will be directed to such reasons. ...For example, there are big differences between the one who is fearful to return, the one who is immuno-compromised, and the one who simply wants to stay home and watch a live-stream because it’s more convenient." - 9 Marks

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Regular church attendance lowers chances of 'deaths from despair': Harvard study

“… this study suggests that religious service attendance was associated with lower risk of deaths from despair among both men and women, accounting for a wide range of potential confounders (including other aspects of social integration)” - CPost

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“ leaders will need to diligently communicate what they are doing to clean facilities and ensure they are being as careful as possible with their members’ health.”

Pastor Nic Burleson "says his church is also putting all food service on hold. At Timber Ridge, which he describes as being built on a platform of hospitality, the focus on helping people feel welcome used to revolve around 'donuts, coffee, hugs and handshakes.' Now, he says, hospitality is focused on proving the church is taking a visitor’s health into consideration." - Church Leaders

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Churches nationwide make plans for soft reopening with fewer attendees, sanitation stations

One church "said it will only allow 10 people at a time for Sunday worship, and will start a new service every hour." - CPost

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Does Online Church Violate Hebrews 10:25?

"First, I praise God that Christians would ask this question. We should never take scriptural commands lightly, and Hebrews 10:25 is one, unfortunately, that many Christians often overlook. The question arises from a heart serious about God’s Word, serious about obedience, and serious about worship. So, are we sinning? In short, no, and for five main reasons." - TGC

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