Church Attendance

Barna: 1 in 5 Churches Could Close in the Next 18 Months

"Speaking on NPR’s 'Here & Now,' Barna president David Kinnaman said that based on trends both before and after the COVID-19 outbreak, American churches will look significantly different after the pandemic—and a fifth of them could close." - C. Leaders

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Pew: “90% of religious adherents who currently watch services online or on TV said they are at least ‘somewhat’ satisfied with the experience”

"More than half of the group, 54%, indicated that they were 'very' satisfied while 37% said they were 'somewhat' satisfied.... most online worshipers said as soon as the pandemic is over they plan to return to in-person religious services ....Some 92% of this group said they expect to attend physical services at least as often as they did pre-pandemic." - C.Post

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Why Churches Should Excommunicate Longstanding Non-Attenders

"It’s good to have a more accurate membership roll. But it’s best to pursue these non-attenders toward a specific end: removal if they’re attending another gospel-preaching church, restoration if they’re happy to return, and excommunication if they’re either unwilling to attend church anywhere or unable to be found." - 9 Marks

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The Church after Covid – Where Is It Going?

"In the post-lockdown world, healthy churches are likely to be almost reconnecting at 'full strength,' again depending on size and circumstances. Our small group is able to hold services (somewhat reduced in frequency) in conformity to distancing recommendations. If we were larger, we would do as we hear of others doing, holding multiple “spread out” services so that we can persist in gathering together as the Bible calls us to do." - Don Johnson

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Andy Stanley's church cancels all in-person services for the rest of 2020 over coronavirus concerns

"North Point came to the decision because of its size and the difficulty that poses for contact tracing, Stanley said. If a church member is diagnosed with coronavirus after attending a service, North Point would be responsible for contact tracing, or identifying anyone who could've been exposed to that sick person." - CNN

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Barna: A third of “practicing Christians” have stopped attending church since COVID-19, even by video

"In a more in-depth examination of those groups released Wednesday, researchers found significant generational divides, noting that half of practicing Christian millennials had not attended church in the past four weeks. By contrast, only 35% of Gen X Christians and 26% of Baby Boomer Christians had foregone digital church attendance." - CPost

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WV Gov Says ‘Please Wear Masks’ After 5th Church Outbreak

"A church in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, will be closed for 14 days after a reported 28 people connected with the church tested positive for COVID-19. The Greenbrier church outbreak is the fifth COVID-19 outbreak at a church in West Virginia, and Governor Jim Justice is emphasizing the importance of carefully following safety precautions." - Church Leaders

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100+ People Get Coronavirus After Service at Church in Germany

"Evangelical Christian Baptist Church "leaders said they followed safety guidelines and disinfected the entire building before the service. They also provided hand sanitizer to attendees and required that people stay 1.5 meters (five feet) apart, per regulations." - CL

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