Church Attendance

Barna: What Churchgoers Missed Most About In-Person Services

"This year, the majority of pastors (80%) [are] excited to celebrate Easter with congregants inside their church buildings with COVID-19 precautions in place. Another one in five (22%) [are] meeting outdoors to accommodate social distancing during the worship service." - Barna

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“What Exactly Should We Be Looking For?”: Reflections on My Recent Search for a Church

"As we walked through the doors of various new churches, struck up conversations with believers, and sat under preaching from different teachers, we wrestled with the line between preference and belief, between well-meaning mediocrity and maturing faithfulness to the Word of God. No church is perfect, so we began to ask the question: What exactly should we be looking for?" - 9 Marks

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Barna: One in five churchgoers haven't attended church physically or digitally since the pandemic

"Data show that, as of September 2020, about one in five of those who would normally be defined as churchgoers (22% churched adults, 19% practicing Christians) says they have “never” attended a service during the pandemic, either in person or digitally. Though half of practicing Christians (51%) keep up with online or in-person church on a weekly basis (compared to 37% of churched adults), the reported pandemic attendance of this usually committed group otherwise resembles churched adults at large." - Barna

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Barna: 1 in 5 Churches Could Close in the Next 18 Months

"Speaking on NPR’s 'Here & Now,' Barna president David Kinnaman said that based on trends both before and after the COVID-19 outbreak, American churches will look significantly different after the pandemic—and a fifth of them could close." - C. Leaders

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