Religious Liberty

Univ. of Kentucky Settles with "Potentially Evangelical" Astronomer

“The university has agreed to pay $125,000 to Martin Gaskell in exchange for Gaskell dropping a federal religious discrimination suit… Gaskell was a top candidate, but some professors called him ‘something close to a creationist’ and ‘potentially evangelical’ in e-mails.” NPR

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Is Net Neutrality really about neutrality?

“Instead of creating a neutral platform for all comers, a neutral marketplace of all viewpoints, they’ve actually empowered internet service providers to censor out viewpoints they don’t like as long it’s ‘reasonable network management,’” Parshall told The Christian Post. Christian Broadcasters Cite Problems in Net Neutrality

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A federal judge ordered a North Carolina school to admit a 14-year-old high school student suspended for wearing a nose piercing she says is part of her religion...

Sumners "told the justices that the protest is unprotected by the Constitution because of the 'personal, targeted nature of the attack on the Snyder family.'"

The Westboro case before the Supreme Court
High Court: Does Father’s Pain Trump Free Speech?

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