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What Factors Influence Americans' in Decisions to Change Churches? New Survey from Pew

"Pew Research Center found 59 percent of college-educated individuals have considered making changes in their religious congregation. However, only 38 percent of the participants who completed high school or lower types of education did the same." - WRN

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How the gospel of cyber-utopianism and globalist conformity preached by today’s elites is disfiguring the soul.

"Taking a hint from Hegel, Kojève devoted his life to preparing the way for the universal state he believed would crown the end of history. Yet what is most remarkable about Kojève’s conception of a new world order is the candor with which he acknowledged its dehumanizing qualities." - National Review

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Study Shows Almost Half of All Americans Don’t Care About a Candidate’s Religion

"The results of a poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research on the role of religion in public policy and politics was published on September 11. The numbers showed that Americans are unconcerned with whether a political candidate is devoutly religious or not" - World Religion News

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Gallup poll: how Americans really feel about the mainstream media

“'Most U.S. adults, including more than 9 in 10 Republicans, say they personally have lost trust in the news media in recent years. At the same time, 69 percent of those who have lost trust say that trust can be restored,' the analysis says, noting that the biggest criticisms were lack of accuracy and bias." - W. Times

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Pew: Most Americans “mix traditional faith with beliefs in psychics, reincarnation and spiritual energy that they say can be found in physical objects such as mountains, trees and crystals.”

Movies push messages, and they're rarely morally sound

"There was a time, believe it or not, when filmmakers were literally bound by contract to produce films that were morally and ethically sound. Even Hollywood producers knew the messages people absorb via film, television, and music are hugely impactful — and they took their influence seriously." - W. Examiner

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