Sword of the Lord blasts new BJU Press book on alcohol.

Any reaction to the Sword of the Lord's front page article criticizing Randy Jaeggli's book "The Christian and Drinking" published by BJU Press? Sword editor Shelton Smith says of Jaeggli, "He is an academic, and he has approached this from what he believes to be a scholarly angle. There are, however, some serious issues with his approach. . . . We believe his linguistic analysis is subject to other interpretations which would place his entire thesis in dispute. Consequently, we do not recommend Dr. Jaeggli's book for any purpose!

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FBFI Resolution 09-02

See “Note to the Readers.”

Regarding Fundamentalism and Culture

Whereas true believers have always functioned actively within the culture in which they find themselves,

And whereas Jesus Christ clearly indicated the true believers must live in the world but not of it,

And whereas believers have been directed by God not to be lovers of the worldly system that surrounds them or to revisit the past sinful lifestyles from which they were saved,

And whereas Scripture clearly defines the thoughts, values and behaviors associated with those lifestyles,

And whereas sins previously not named among believers such as the use of alcohol as a beverage, premarital sex, adultery, homosexuality, profanity, vulgarity, immodesty, and much more are now not only viewed unashamedly by believers as entertainment but also practiced without shame among those who name Christ,

And whereas present-day Fundamentalism has been dismissed as a product of the culture,

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