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That Was Then, This Is Now: Aimee Byrd Preaches Her First Sunday Morning Sermon

"One can’t help but note that Michael Bird, who co-hosts a podcast with Aimee Byrd, seems to have embarked on a similar trajectory around the same time. In 2012, Bird wrote a book wherein he affirmed male headship as 'normative' and 'indisputable.' Today, he disputes male headship and says he has changed his mind." - CBMW

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Biblical Roles of Men & Women in the Church, Part 2

By Todd Kinde. Read Part 1.

Feminine Activity in the Community of the Redeemed

The New Testament delineates various activities done by certain women. Anna the prophetess gave thanks to God and spoke of Christ (Lk 2:38). Mary sat at Jesus’ feet receiving instruction (Lk 10:39). The Samaritan woman discussed theology with Jesus an 4:7ff.). Women including Mary the mother of Jesus were full members of the community of believers and devoting themselves to prayer (Acts 1:14). Tabitha organized a benevolent ministry to the needy (Acts 9:36). Lydia hosted a church plant (Acts 16:14, 40). The four daughters of Philip prophesied (Acts 28:9). Priscilla alongside her husband expounded the faith to Apollos (Acts 18:26), is called a coworker who risked her neck for Paul (Ro 16:4, 5), and hosted a church in her home (1Co 16:19). Phoebe is commended as a servant, a deaconess of the church (Ro 16:1). Mary, Tryphena, Tryphosa, and Persis worked hard in and for the church (Ro 16:6, 12). The mother of Rufus cared for Paul like a mother to him (Ro 16:13). Euodia and Syntyche labored side by side with Paul as fellow workers in the gospel ministry (Php 4:2, 3). Nympha hosted a church in her home (Col 4:15). Lois and Eunice discipled Timothy in the faith (2Ti 1:5; 3:14-15).

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Biblical Roles of Men & Women in the Church, Part 1

Todd Kinde

A biblical theology of manhood and womanhood within the church can be approached in a couple of ways. One way is to determine from Scripture what a man or a woman can or cannot do in the life and ministry of the local church. A second way is to discern what man and woman are to be within the local church. Who one is determines what one does, while what one does defines who one is. With this premise in mind, this article will begin by gleaning the Scripture for truths regarding our being, then truths regarding our doing.

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Does the Bible Allow for Women Deacons? Yes, Says Tom Schreiner (with a Response from Alex Strauch)

"We asked two scholars—Tom Schreiner and Alex Strauch—the question, “Does the Bible allow for women deacons?” Below, you’ll find Tom’s answer, as well as Alex’s response." (Also Alex’s answer and Tom’s response.) - 9 Marks

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Women as Church leaders: Female complementarians on current debates, Beth Moore, misogyny

"To explore these questions in greater depth, The Christian Post spoke with two theologically adept women who maintain that Scripture holds that certain offices are reserved for men in the church while also addressing how and why misogyny manifests in part 1. It will be followed by an in-depth interview with an egalitarian scholar in part 2." - Christian Post

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Assemblies of God Elects First Woman to Top Leadership Team

"For the first time in its 105-year history, the Assemblies of God (AG) General Council has elected a woman to its executive leadership. Ohio minister Donna Barrett was voted in as AG general secretary during its biennial gathering last Friday." - Christiantiy Today

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