MIT study shows lies spread faster and further than truth on social media

"Wendland observes that the conversations spread through Twitter are most times cut off from the context that allows participants to verify the claims, but no one cares; its connection and movement through the 'tribe' gives it communal authority." - C.Post

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"[W]e are increasingly sorting individual approaches based on our ideological tribes. This creates new blind spots and greater risks of overconfidence and intellectual hubris.”

"In times of actual crisis, it can be easy to let awe and wonder fall by the wayside. Even in times of prosperity and plenty, our politicians and would-be planners are adept at finding urgency and necessity where neither truly exists." - Acton

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Franklin Graham labels Trump opposition ‘demonic’; Rick Perry labels Trump ‘chosen one’

Peter Wehner: “There is no biblical or theological case to support the claim that critics of Donald Trump are under the spell of Satan. It is invented out of thin air, a shallow, wild, and reckless charge meant to be a conversation stopper” - Christian Post

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“The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics”... is about the way in which social media brings out the worst of the tribalism and idiocy in our contemporary politics

"As my book argues, people do not go to social media hoping to learn things about the world. They go to social media hoping that attention will be paid to them. That’s what social media is: a sad, sprawling bazaar in which attention is exchanged and bartered." - Kevin Williamson

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