Jesus Teaches the Old Testament, Part 3: Midrash as an Echo

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I agree that much of the New Testament text – and especially the gospels – are populated by what Richard Hays describes as “echoes,” meaning echoes of Old Testament passages.

To adjust terms to my own nomenclature, I would like to subdivide these echoes into at least three categories: allusions (allusions that are only allusions and nothing more1), parallels (in concept, occurrence, or foreshadowings), and midrash.


Jesus Teaches the Old Testament: The Importance of Jewish Roots Studies, Part 1

What is the big deal about Jewish Roots? How can we better understand Jesus by examining the debates of His day? Why should we care if He derived some of His teaching from Old Testament passages?

The answer is simple: context. Jewish Roots studies can contribute toward increasing the Biblical context; when we increase context, we increase understanding.