Sean Feucht

Over 5,000 Join Sean Feucht, Eric Metaxas in Times Square: ‘There’s a Church That’s Rising up That’s Refusing to Back Down’

"...thousands of people from all races and different denominations came together to worship God. Clips show people speaking in tongues, surrendering to God, praying over people, waving flags that read 'Jesus,' dancing, and screaming the name of Jesus in the streets of New York." - C.Leaders

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New stories on New Apostolic Reformation, Sean Feucht keep assuming a right-wing takeover

"...the NAR is not this conspiratorial, worldwide, monolithic, demonic movement. As part of the mix, she does mention Sean Feucht.... Feucht is many things both good and bad, but he’s not NAR." - GetReligion

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Feucht, Locke and the like are a sideshow — quit letting them distract you

"Locke and Feucht are sideshows in the midst of a global pandemic and a time of Christian service and mission. Hungry for media attention and skilled at getting the headlines, both have given many non-Christians another reason to reject Christianity." - Ed Stetzer

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