Sometimes It’s Best to Express Your Wisdom in Silence

"An ultracrepidarian is someone who goes 'beyond the shoe.' He is 'one who is presumptuous and offers advice or opinions beyond his sphere of knowledge.' Or 'someone who has no special knowledge of a subject but who expresses an opinion about it.' Apelles’ concern was that the shoemaker should stick with his area of expertise and not presume to be an expert on everything." - Challies

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It Would Be So Much Easier to “Believe the Science” If We Could Trust the Scientists

"This is not an anti-science piece. It is rather a warning against scientism, the belief that science is the only path to knowledge because the material world is all that exists, and only science is equipped to discover knowledge of the material world. Scientism breeds a naivete and credulity about scientific authorities that is unhealthy because it is uncritical." - Mark Farnham 

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Freedom and responsibility can turn back the tide of populism

"[P]opulists invariably exploit cultural flashpoints to accumulate political power. Because their ideological compass is set by popularity rather than conviction, they have a remarkable ability to cling to power – and to transform the system to assure their grip never weakens." Acton Institute

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