Politicized Christianity

When a Misguided Pastor Makes Threats About a Violent ‘Christian’ Insurrection

"...he is much better known as a controversial internet preacher with a large social media following. And in a recent message, he has crossed a very dangerous line. Every God-fearing Christian should denounce his inflammatory rhetoric, rhetoric which could easily lead to bloodshed." - Michael Brown

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Oklahoma Pastor Running For Senate, Vows to Investigate 2020 Election

"Lead pastor of Sheridan Church in Tulsa, OK Jackson Lahmeyer told his congregation this past weekend that 'It’s time to shout it in the halls of Congress that Jesus is King.'...Lahmeyer has said that he has signed thousands of vaccine exemption forms, a service he has offered for a one-time donation of any amount to his church." - C.Leaders

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Debbie Dingell shout over who’s a good Christian on Capitol steps

"A viral video of the shouting match... shows Greene heckling Democrats on the steps of the Capitol as they held a press conference about the Democrats' 'Build Back Better for Women' campaign...'You should all be ashamed. Killing a baby up until birth is a lack of civility. It's called murder!' Greene yelled." - C.Post

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