"the matter is complex, but the central issue is that of the diminished authority and unorthodox interpretation of the Word of God now prevalent in the PC(USA)"

Another large church pulling out of the PCUSA
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The creation of the ECO follows the PC(USA)’s churchwide vote last year to lift its longtime ban on gay clergy.”

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Presbyterian Church (USA) considers denouncing Caterpiller Inc. because it sells bulldozers to Israel

“The divestment resolutions are expected to provoke contentious debate among the biannual assembly’s nearly 700 delegates — as are other overtures that condemn Israeli policy toward Palestinians, seek to change ordination standards to allow noncelibate gay and lesbian clergy, and ask for permission to start officiating at same-sex marriages.”
The proposal is also quite unpopular in Peoria, IL where Caterpillar is headquartered. Pew Forum

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