Southwestern prof on Russian Orthodox Patriarch: war, indulgences, “when church and state get too cozy with one another”

“The pronouncement of Patriarch Kirill is little different than the sort of indulgences that Martin Luther fought against in the Reformation,” - BPNews

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The Contradictions of Paranoid Nationalism

"many of the same folks who say that government authorities shouldn’t be trusted to make sure vaccines are safe or that elections are fairly conducted also say that we should have the government set industrial policy, regulate speech on the internet, or even engineer the size and shape of American families.

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On Nationalisms Through Time

"Goldman’s book is a thoughtful extended essay on the idea of nationalism ... for Goldman, nationalism entails that if the motto e pluribus unum—one out of many—is indeed meaningful, the unum must be some intelligible unifying principle or other.... Goldman proceeds to trace three rival conceptions of American national identity" - John Ehrett

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Beyond nationalism and globalism: Jesus points to another kingdom

Nationalists and globalists on both sides of the political divide ... "While bigger issues still divide us and our parties today, this is one division that cuts across political partisanship. Thus, it should be of interest to all Christians, no matter their political persuasion, whether there is any guidance in the Christian tradition for sorting out these debates." - Acton

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Study: Americans with Christian nationalist views more likely to flout COVID-19 precautions

According to the study, “Christian nationalism is the leading predictor that one engaged in more frequent incautious behavior related to COVID-19” and the “second strongest predictor that Americans took fewer precautions like wearing a mask or sanitizing/washing one's hands.” - CPost

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