Law and Order

We Must Choose Sides Between Chaos and Police

"What that says is there’s no longer any middle ground. The contrasts are too stark. We can side with a working mother, someone’s daughter and neighbor, who is willing to risk her life for her community and her partner. Or we can side with those who laugh at her being shot and choking on her own blood, her only sin being the badge she wears." - TAC

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In Support of Our Law Enforcement Officers

"We understand that you often find yourselves in volatile situations that demand the Wisdom of Solomon in a split second. You walk a fine line where your own personal safety is a stake on one side, and potentially life-changing legal consequences loom on the other. We pray God will keep you safe and give you His wisdom. We pray that God will enable you to see your circumstances clearly, carry out your duties justly, and come home safely." - Kevi Schaal

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Veith on worldview and disbanding the police

"But these proposals come out of a completely different worldview. Are human beings moral agents responsible for their actions, so that committing a crime is a moral offense that society needs to be protected from?  Or are human beings not responsible at all for what they do, so that those who commit crimes are themselves victims of the society?" - Gene Veith

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Camden Didn’t ‘Defund the Police’

"Camden ... actually employed more police — and more law enforcement. As the now-retired chief who led the transition explained, understaffing had made his city force a 'triage unit going from emergency to emergency.' Staffing up ... made policing in Camden not just more cost-effective but better overall, incorporating training, rules of engagement, and accountability protocols otherwise unaffordable or unacceptable." - NR

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