Kenneth Copeland

Reactions to Kenneth Copeland at Trump Rally, ‘DeSanctimonious’ Comment Indicate Growing Divide Among Evangelicals Over Trump

" that took place over the weekend seemed to indicate growing fissures in that once impassable unity of approval, with Florida governor Ron DeSantis emerging as heir apparent over leadership of the Republican party, as well as the white evangelical support that comes with it." - C.Leaders

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Why the Tax-Exempt Mansion of One of the Wealthiest American Preachers Is Under Scrutiny (Again)

"...critics claim the organization—and many others—takes advantage of loopholes and vaguely worded clergy-housing allowances, shifting tax burdens to other residents." - C.Leaders

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Why I used to believe in the prosperity gospel like Kenneth Copeland believes

"It’s difficult to get time with prosperity preachers. I would know, as I used to be one and work with one — my uncle, Benny Hinn. But this persistent reporter managed to somehow get through his security and give people a glimpse of what prosperity preachers act and talk like when not prepared to answer tough questions." - RNS

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